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Arnold is most certainly NOT ready for kindergarten: he’s convinced that his teacher, the affable Mr. Z, is actually the villain Zorgo. Fortunately, Super Saurus is on the case! His escape attempts are thwarted by Zorgo’s henchmen (aka Arnold’s parents), but it’s just as well—Super Saurus realizes he can’t leave a bunch of innocent children in Zorgo’s evil clutches. When a T-Rex (or is it a tiny lizard?) bursts onto the scene, Super Saurus’s super powers will come in handy—and Arnold just might learn that Zorgo makes a good ally.

“…Young’s acrylic-and–colored-pencil illustrations marvelously cut between real and imagined scenes…Imagination as a coping mechanism equals lots of superpowered fun.”

—Kirkus Reviews, starred review
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Get Your Super Saurus Coloring Page!

Click the black and white image to download the Super Saurus coloring page created by the book’s illustrator, Ned Young!